Honda Backpack Brush Cutter / Grass Cutter 35cc GX35/KT350 4-Stroke (Made in Thailand)
HONDA GX35 / KT350 35CC 4-STROKE BACKPACK BRUSH CUTTER / GRASS CUTTERHonda applied our superior engi..
Honda Generator 5000W
Honda GP160 5.5HP Petrol Engine
The GP160 engine is a 4-stroke 5.5HP petrol engine which capable to implement in a wide range of li..
Honda GX35 4-Stroke 25L 35.8cc Knapsack Power Sprayer (Made In Japan)
Whether its spraying pest control chemicals in orchards or spot weed-killing around the lawn and bor..
Honda GX390 390cc 13HP 2 in 1 Two Wheel Tractor Gear Drive Cultivator Power Tiller
Honda GX390 2 in 1 Heavy Duty Cultivator Power Tiller that can be used for cultivating and building ..
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