1 Liter Check 0.29% Class 2 Racun Tikus
Rodenticide / Racun TikusManufacturer: Zeenex AgroScience S/BBrand: CheckCapacity: 1 LiterActive Ing..
1 Liter Cyper 5.5 Insecticide Class 3 Racun Serangga
Insecticide / Racun SeranggaManufacturer: Hextar Chemicals Sdn BhdBrand: Cyper 5.5Capacity: 1 LiterA..
1 Liter Decis 250 Insecticide 2.8% Class 3 Racun Serangga
Insecticide / Racun SeranggaManufacturer: Bayer CropScience (Malaysia) S/BBrand: Decis 250Capacity: ..
1kg Agritox 3G Insecticide 3% Racun Serangga (Fudan)
Insecticide / Racun Serangga ** Widely used in Oil Palm TreeManufacturer: Hextar Chemicals S/BB..
1L Bayer Decis 250
Brand: BayerModel: Decis 250Capacity: 1LType: FungicideComposition: Deltamethrin 2.8%Formulation: EC..
1L Kenso Trebon 10EC
Brand: KensoModel: Trebon 10ECCapacity: 1LType: InsecticideComposition: 250g/l etofenproxFormulation..
250g Dow Agrosciences Beam 75WP
Brand: Dow AgrosciencesModel: Beam 75WPCapacity: 250gType: FungicideComposition: Tricyclazole 75.0%F..
250ml Dupont Prevathon 5SC
Brand: DupontModel: Prevathon 5SCCapacity: 250mlType: InsecticideComposition: 250g/l chlorantranirip..
300g Syngenta Plenum 50WG
Brand: SyngentaModel: Plenum 50WGCapacity: 300gType: InsecticideComposition: PymetrozineFormulation:..
4 Liter Chemicide 75+ Insecticide 21.2% Class 2 Racun Anai/Semut (Pest Control Chemical)
Insecticide / Racun Serangga (Anai-anai, semut)* Pest Control ChemicalManufacturer: Hextar Chemicals..
4 Liter Farmfosate Glyphosate 41% Class 3 Racun Rumpai/Rumput
Herbicide / Racun RumpaiManufacturer: Farmcochem S/BBrand: Farmfosate 41Capacity: 4 LiterActive Ingr..
4 Liter Racun Sekali Glyphosate 13.6% Class 4 Racun Rumpai/Rumput
Herbicide / Racun RumpaiManufacturer: Crop Protection (M) S/BBrand: SekaliCapacity: 4 LiterActive In..
500ml Bayer Confidor
Brand: BayerModel: ConfidorCapacity: 500mlType: InsecticideComposition: imidacloprid 17.8%Formulatio..
500ml Kenso Ken-Mura 25
Brand: KensoModel: Ken-Mura 25Capacity: 500mlType: FungicideComposition: difenoconazoleFormulation: ..
500ml Kenso Kendor
Brand: KensoModel: KendorCapacity: 500mlType: InsecticideComposition: imidacloprid 18.3%Formulation:..
500ml Syngenta Amistar
Brand: SyngentaModel: AmistarCapacity: 500mlType: FungicideComposition: 250g/l azoxystrobinFormulati..
500ml Syngenta Amistar Top
Brand: SyngentaModel: Amistar TopCapacity: 500mlType: FungicideComposition: imidacloprid 18.3% ..
500ml Syngenta Score
Brand: SyngentaModel: ScoreCapacity: 500mlType: FungicideComposition: 250g/l difenoconazoleFormulati..
5L Bayer Basta 15
Brand: BayerModel: Basta 15Capacity: 5LType: HerbicideComposition: Glufosinate AmmoniumFormulation: ..
Malathion 95% 4L Insecticide For Mosquito
Racun Untuk Bunuh Nyamuk..
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