Diamond EB260 Petrol Engine  Hand Blower
Portable hand blower that should have for the cleaning service team. Strong blowing that easily keep..
Husqvarna Back Pack / Knapsack Blower 350BT 50.2cc 92.2m/s (Made in Sweden)
HUSQVARNA 350BT PETROL BACK PACK / KNAPSACK BLOWER 50.2CC 92.2M/SA unique, lightweight backpack leaf..
Husqvarna Hand Held Blower 125B 28cc (Made in Sweden)
HUSQVARNA 125B HAND HELD PORTABLE BLOWER 28CC 76 M/SEfficient hand held blower that combines high bl..
Kasei Back Pack / Knapsack Leaf Blower EB500E 51.7cc 90m/s
KASEI BACK PACK / KNAPSACK LEAF BLOWER EB650 51.7CC 90 M/SProduct Features:-Portable blower is kind ..
Kasei Back Pack / Knapsack Leaf Blower EB650 63.3cc 102.2m/s
KASEI BACK PACK / KNAPSACK LEAF BLOWER EB650 63.3CC 102.2 M/SProduct Features:-Portable blower is ki..
Kasei EB260 Portable Engine Leaf Blower 27.2cc
KASEI PORTABLE ENGINE LEAF BLOWER 27.2CCFeatures:- Handy and easy maintenance- Easy start function- ..
Kasei EBV260 Portable Engine Blower and Leaf Collector 27.2cc (2 in 1)
KASEI PORTABLE ENGINE BLOWER & LEAF COLLECTOR (2 IN 1)Features:- Handy and easy maintenance- All..
Zenoah HB2302 Handheld Blower (Made In Japan)
Specification:Cylinder displacement22.5 cm³ / 1.4 cu.inchPower output0.9 kWFuel tank volume0.75 lit ..
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