Calopogonium Mucunoides Cover Crop Seeds
It is a grazing and pioneer legume and one of the best cover crops. It is a twiner and creeper with ..
Centrosema Pubescens Cover Crop Seeds
It is a perennial climber that can grow in shades. It is a slow grower, not tolerant to wet conditio..
Green House UV Transparent Stabilized Film
We offering the best quality of green house UV Stabilized Film. This UV Stabilized Film is highly ap..
HDPE 30m Sun Shading Net (Sunshade Net) (Made In Thailand)
Usage of shade net:Outdoor ------protection shade ray and wind , use for make fencingAgricultural---..
Pueraria Javanica Cover Crop Seeds
Pueraria Javanica is a very popular leguminous creeper and climber. The roots are shallow with plent..
Silver Shine Cover Film With Hole 0.03mm x 1.2m x 250m (Made In Malaysia)
ADVANTAGESReduce the vector of virus diseases such as Afid, Thrips and other pests. As a weed contro..
Silver Shine Cover Film Without Hole 0.03mm x 1.2m x 250m (Made In Malaysia)
Silver shine plastic film easily for planting vegetable or flower is made of high quality res..
Weed Control Mat 1.8m x 50m
Weed Control Mat 1.8meter x 250meter (Made in Malaysia)Material: Woven Polyethylene / PolypropyleneU..
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