Honda GP160 5.5HP Petrol Engine
The GP160 engine is a 4-stroke 5.5HP petrol engine which capable to implement in a wide range of li..
Kazumi KZ300 8.0HP Petrol Engine (Made in Japan)
With the KZ-300, you’re looking at one of the best engines in the business. More power with OHV syst..
Kazumi KZ500 16HP Air-Cooled Petrol Engine (Made in Japan)
KAZUMI 16HP 500CC 4-STROKE PETROL ENGINE KZ500With the KZ-500, you’re looking at one of the best eng..
Robin EY-20 5.0HP Petrol Engine
The Robin EY-20 is a stable, quiet engine which suitable for any type of light-duty operations. This..
Yamaha Yamalube Genuine Oil Two Stroke Outboard motor 4L 2T TC-W3 (Made In Japan)
"Semi-synthetic formula containing a special blend of additives to help protect against ring stick, ..
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