12V 1.5Ah Nikcel Battery (Mustang)
12V 1.5Ah Nikcel Battery (Mustang)..
Bosch GAS18V-Li 18V 40mBar Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Bosch cordless powerful vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter.Features:Best performance with highest dust ..
Bosch GBH180-LI + GAS15PS Combo Kit (18V Cordless Rotary Hammer + Vacuum Cleaner)
BOSCH GBH180-LI 18V CORDLESS ROTARY HAMMER- Compact, Energy Saving- Suitable for On-site maintenance..
Bosch GBH180-LI 18V Compact Cordless Rotary Hammer
Bosch GDR120-LI 12V 100Nm Cordless Impact Driver
BOSCH GDR120-LI 12V CORDLESS IMPACT DRIVERThe new 12 V impact driver/wrench with the right power for..
Bosch GSB120-LI 12V 10mm (3/8") Cordless Impact Drill
Bosch GSB120-LI Cordless Impact is all you need for all your works. Use this cordless impact drill t..
Bosch GSB180-LI 18V Cordless Hammer Drill
Bosch GSB 180-LI Professional Cordless Hammer DrillMore Power. More Robust.Affordable: Bosch Quality..
Bosch GSR120-LI 12V 30Nm Cordless Drill
12V Battery, Bosch Quality, High Power, Affordable Price!!!! Compatible with 10.8V Battery.Feat..
Bosch GSR12V-15FC 12V 30Nm Cordless Drill / Driver (Flexi Click Function)
BOSCH GSR12V-15FC PROFESSIONAL CORDLESS DRILL / DRIVERCompact and flexible for any job in 12 Volt cl..
Bosch GSR1440-Li 14.4V 30Nm Cordless Drill
Powerful and reliable tool.Features:Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): Protects the battery aga..
Bosch GSR180-LI 18V 54Nm Cordless Drill
BOSCH GSR180-LI 18V 10MM CORDLESS DRIVER / DRILLMore Power. More Robust.Affordable: Bosch Quality at..
Bosch GSR3.6V-Li BitDriver .5Nm 3.6V Cordless Driver
The most convenient Screw Driver - Always the right screw bit at hand. No longer bit searching.Featu..
Bosch GWS12V-76 12V Cordless Angle Grinder SOLO (Replacement model of GWS10.8V-EC)
Simply amazing -the most compact and ergonomic small angle grinder.1Perfect handling & convenien..
Bosch GWS12V-76 12V Cordless Angle Grinder with Battery Pack Set (12V Battery x 2 ; 12V Charger x 1)
Simply amazing -the most compact and ergonomic small angle grinder.1Perfect handling & convenien..
Bosch GWS18V-LI 18V Cordless Angle Grinder (SOLO) *Without Battery & Charger
The most powerful 18-volt angle grinder1Highest material removal rate and cutting performance in its..
Bosch GWS18V-LI 18V Cordless Angle Grinder Combo Kit (Include 2x 18V Battery & 1x 18V Charger)
Bosch GWS 18 V-LI Professional Cordless Angle GrinderThe most powerful 18-volt angle grinderHighest ..
Bosch IXO III 3.6V-Li Professional Cordless Screwdriver (FOC Corkscrew)
    6 Months Warranty By Bosch Product DescriptionBosch IXO III 3.6 V-LI Pr..
Hourex 12V Cordless Drill (Bosch Copy Design) Made in Taiwan
Technical Data:Torque, max. (hard screwdriving applications): 30 NmTorque, max. (soft screwdriving a..
Makita CLX201
Models DF331D and TD110D are both new 10.8V platform models. Succeeding the DF330 and TD090D they no..
Makita DF330D 10.8V 10mm (3/8") Cordless Driver Drill
Lightweight and compact but with 2-speed gear selection.Features:Ergonomically  designed handle..
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