Bosch GDM121 1250W 4" (110mm) Stone Cutter
Best combination of power and weight marble cutter in its class with mass MPP price.Features:Powerfu..
Bosch GDM13-34 1300W 4" Diamond Wheel Cutter
More cutting power with the longest lifetime in class. Powerful 1300W marble saw for fast and p..
Hitachi CM4SB2 1320W 4" (110mm) Diamond Cutter
Class-leading powerful motor in input and overload durabilityFeatures:Metal bush on a ball-bearing a..
Makita 4100NH2 1,400W 110mm  (4-3/8") Cutter
Bevel cut up to 45 degreesFeatures:High power motor for heavy-duty applications.Diamond cup wheel ca..
Makita MT M0400G 1200W 4-3/8" (110mm) Diamond Cutter
Specialized for right angle cuttingFeatures:High power and ergonomic design. Ideal for professional ..
Mytools 1200W 4-3/8" (110mm) Marble Diamond Cutter
Features:High power and ergonomic design. Ideal for professional work, has rubberized switch, alumin..
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